“the Short” 

3-5 minute highlight film of your wedding day from prep to send off. We capture all the most important moment of your day in this film. We look to capture all the perfectly planned details and created emotion of your day.

“the Feature”

7-9 minute highlight film of your wedding day. This film included much more detail of your wedding day. We are always at your wedding from prep to send off and with 2 cinematographers – regardless of the wedding package your choose. We give you the opportunity to upgrade to “the Feature” till even after your wedding day.

“Our Story”

Interview video with you and your fiance telling your love story. Your story doesn’t start on your wedding day. We sit down with you and you get to tell your story from the moment it started. This is a great way to capture the way you felt about each other prior to getting married. Couples also love to show their interview video during cocktail hour or the reception at their wedding.

Full Length Ceremony and Speeches Films

We capture all the main highlights of your ceremony and speeches in your highlights film, but we recommend adding this option if you want your ceremony and speeches in full. We will already have 3 cameras set up to capture multiple angles of your ceremony. However, for this film we will put your whole ceremony together from start to finish, including all the audio from the officiant and the vows! For your speeches, you will get 2 camera angles one recording the uncut speeches. Full length and uncut audio as well. 

Our Wedding Cinematography Packages

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